Thursday, April 13, 2006

AL Leaders

New daily feature: AL Leaderboards!

Okay, maybe you’re not as excited as I am, but The Sporting Brews is slowly turning into your newspaper, only better. Not only do you get the AL East standings and Yankees statistics without even leaving the main page, but you get insightful commentary daily – and now League Leaders.

I’ll have a page with the full ML standings soon, as well as pitching stats. Expanding into the NL might not happen, seeing as keeping the AL statistics eats up a good portion of my normally allotted sleep time.

The Sporting Brews: F*ck the Star Ledger.

Your AL Batting Leaders for April 13th, 2006 (min 20 AB):

Ramon Hernandez.500Travis Hafner.568
Chris Shelton.500Ramon Hernandez.562
Travis Hafner.467Chris Shelton.529
Victor Martinez.419Ian Kinsler.519
Bengie Molina.417Jim Thome.514
Ian Kinsler.409Jason Giambi.514
Alexis Rios.409David Ortiz.514

Chris Shelton.750Travis Hafner6
Jim Thome.654Chris Shelton6
Travis Hafner.663Jim Thome5
Eric Chavez.471Eric Chavez5
Alexis Rios.455Justin Morneau4
Nick Swisher.40711 Tied3
Justin Morneau.387

PlayerPA/K highPA/K lowOBP
Placido PolancoxxxMark Teahen2.27
Mark Tiexiera39.00Brad Wilkerson2.56
Mark Loretta37.00Brian Anderson2.67
Joe Crede28.00Nick Swisher2.80
Toby Hall28.00Garret Anderson3.00
Ronnie Belliard27.00Nick Green3.22
Jason Kendall27.00Bobby Crosby3.33

Travis Hafner13Chris Shelton12
Jhonny Peralta10Richie Sexson12
Jim Thome9Travis Hafner9
Melvin Mora9Torii Hunter9
Ichiro!9Jonny Gomes9
7 Tied8Justin Morneau9
Eric Chavez9
Reggie Sanders9