Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Yankees Tidbits

It was inevitable that Giambi would spend some time on the bench this Spring Training due to injury. He’s not exactly a young buck anymore, so as his workload drastically increases, he’s liable to tweak something. Thankfully, it was merely his calf, which shouldn’t be much cause for concern. Call me when we get to the hammies and his back.

This pools Giambi with Sheff, who has been sitting out with a hammy tweak. His injury is a bit optimistic because 1) the injury was caused when he ran out a grounder, which is a nice sign, and 2) if this was the regular season, you know Sheff would be wiggling that bat four times a game.

Chien-Ming Wang got lit up pretty bad in his spring debut, though it’s not much cause for concern. "Not too good," Wang said. "Sinker, everything up." Some people are tweaking hammies; Wang needs to tweak his delivery. Not a huge deal, really. More can be gleaned from this after his next start, which should be this weekend.

At least he wasn’t Dustin McGowan.


Best quote from the ESPN game recap, regarding the Giambi/Sheff injuries:

New York already is without shortstop Derek Jeter, third baseman Alex Rodriguez, center fielder Johnny Damon, outfielder Bernie Williams and pitcher Al Leiter, who are at the World Baseball Classic.

Now, I don’t like them being away at this WBC bullpoppy one little bit. But I’m not about to make it seem like their absence is detrimental to the team.

From the Carl Pavano Files: "I just feel like I'm getting better and better." The next step in his rehabilitation is to start talking with his arm, not his ass.

Rounding things out, let’s make fun of the enemy for a bit.

"It's not like I was just out there trying to throw my pitches. If I was going to do that, I would have just thrown a 50-pitch bullpen. When I'm out there, I'm trying to get people out," the 2003 World Series MVP said.

Yes, yes, Josh Beckett got shellacked by the Devil Rays yesterday. It may be Spring Training, and I may have already spoken to the triviality of the games, but it’s still nice to see Beckett in a mess. May he find himself in many more this season.