Thursday, March 16, 2006

Tourney Thoughts

First off, let me state that the on-demand viewing over at is the greatest invention in the history of the world. All you have to do is surf the web while you wait 10 minutes to enter, and you have access to every game. And to boot, there's not much lag.

My first question comes from the BC-Pacific game (which is in OT right now, with Pacific up 6). Why, with nine seconds left, was Craig Smith handling the ball? I understand if you want him taking the last shot; he's a senior and has handled plenty of pressure in the past. But why is he taking the ball up court with his vastly inferiour ball handling skills?

BC looks horribly flat in overtime, kinda like they expected this win to fall in their laps, and are miffed that they're in OT, rather than playing their asses off and earning a win. Even when they're succeeding, they look lazy. They're doing so many things right, but just can't capitalize. And you know what? They deserve to lose this game.

Gray just hit a 3 to put Pacific up by five. This is significant mainly because he was UNGUARDED. Jared Dudley answered, but unless BC can D up, they're cooked.

Well, they didn't exactly D up, but they forced a TERRIBLE shot by Pacific, which hardly hit iron. Twelve point two seconds left, and my guess is that BC goes for the tie. They know they're the better team, so extending this to a second OT rather than throwing up a prayer for the win. And they do, though Craig Smith was fouled. We just watched him make one of two a few minutes ago. Is he clutch? He is for one. And two. We're headed for a second OT, baby!

And, as expected, BC steamrolled through the second OT. Now, if only would let me back onto their damn server. Doesn't look like it's happening, though.