Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Spring Training: Yanks 5, Twins 0

It may be spring, and the scrubs may be eating up much of the playing time, but it's always encouraging to see your pitching staff combine for a shutout. Not only that, but they worked out of a few jams along the way, making me a bit more confident about the development of the staff. A few notable observations:

  • Kevin Thompson RBI double. He's definitely making an emphatic push for the 5th outfielder spot.
  • Jorge bomb in the first. Picture perfect swing, and it wasn't off a late-inning scrub, but Twins legend Brad Radke. Another promising sign.
  • Chacon looked pretty much in control during his three innings, and definitely looks ready for a further increase in his workload. Maybe four innings next time?
  • Still not too hot on Sean Henn, still hoping he'll be converted into a reliever.
  • Michael Kay started yapping about Matt Smith as trade bait during his appearance in the ninth. Of course, I wholeheartedly disagree. The majority of the pitching staff is old and/or of questionable ability, so a flame throwing lefty should be in the plans for the future, not as trade bait. Though, I wouldn't be completely opposed should the right deal come around -- i.e. Andy Pettitte or Barry Zito.
  • Chris Prieto lost his last inkling of making the club in the sun.
  • In a brief Farnsworth observation, he seemed to be overthrowing it at the beginning of the 8th. Thankfully, the adjustment was quickly made.
  • Where's Mo? He was supposed to make his first appearance today, and though I admittedly missed fragments of the game, I didn't see hide nor hair of No. 42. What, Joe can't use him for an inning with a 5-run lead in Spring Training?