Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Site Surfin'

Found a few baseball related tidbits around the ‘net today. Normally, I’d save these up for a Friday entry, but I figure why wait? This is a blog afterall, right?

Interesting bit by Jeff over at Lookout Landing about pitching mechanics. Please, if you choose to click on that link, make sure not to take his word as that of a doctor. It’s merely an entertaining article that meshes physics and logic to make soft conclusions about recently injured Mariners pitchers.

Even if you’re not a Mariners fan, this site is worth a daily perusal. Everything is written in an intelligent manner, and sometimes it’s downright hilarious. Jeff does with the Mariners what Aaron Gleeman has done with the Twins. He’s also convinced me to pony up the dough for

I haven’t had a chance to browse the entire site yet, but James over at Yanks Blog posted a link to a site containing a few interesting pictures of Major Leaguers. The most intriguing: Al Leiter playing beer pong. How did this picture fly under my radar since September?

Another shout-out to James for being the only person willing to engage me in a Knicks discussion. He says he’s done with them, but I know Knicks fans. Give him a week and he’ll be watching the MSG Network again, faithfully deriding the team from the top down.

Ignore the file name and tell me if it’s Blue Jays pitcher Gustavo Chacin or former Rangers center Mark Messier.

I know this site is made for women, but I’m sure if they could track their visitors’ demographics, it would be males age 18-35.

Top 50 starting pitchers of 2006. Am I psyched for baseball season or what?

Bret Boone retires. His offcial reason: "Something I've loved my whole life has become a major, major job for me. "I don't think it would be fair for me -- or fair to the Mets -- to continue something I've loved my whole life and had so much passion for, and all of a sudden that passion isn't there anymore."

Replace the word "passion" with "ability" (and delete prepositions where applicable), and you've got the truth behind the story.

I have but one question for Omar Minaya. You were able to trade for Paul LoDuca and Carlos Delgado. You lured Billy Wagner from a division rival. Yet, you can't trump the Sox in a trade for Mark Loretta? You're telling me that Minaya couldn't muster up enough talent to supercede Doug Mirabelli?

Second base has been a large concern for the Mets heading into this season, though Boone retiring didn't really alter plans; he was a long shot at best. The effectiveness of the position is really going to come down to whether Anderson Hernandez can 1) successfully switch from shortstop and 2) whether he can play every day in the Majors at age 23.

I’ll cut this short for now. Hopefully I can string together some coherent thoughts for an article tomorrow. Wouldn’t want to keep posting the same styled crap every day.