Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Rutgers Wins!

8. Cincinnati1. UConnUconn
9. Syracuse9. Syracuse
5. Georgetown4. MarquetteGeorgetown
12. Notre Dame5. Georgetown
6. Pitt3. West VirginiaWVU
11. Louisville6. Pitt
7. Seton Hall2. VillanovaVillanova
10. Rutgers10. Rutgers

Predictions are in italics.

I'm so proud of my boys. Of course, I didn't get to see the proceedings, but boy does that box score tell a story. Everyone knew the keys to the game for each side; Rutgers needed to stop Whitney, and Hall needed to stop Douby. Well, guess who did a better job?

Not only did The Hall let Douby loose for 18 points, but they couldn't contain the guys around him. Eighteen points may be below average for the Big East scoring leader, but he also had seven assists, which led to 14 points from freshman Anthony Farmer and 10 from senior Marquis Webb.

On the other end of the ball, Rutgers did their job spectacularly. They kept the pressure on Whitney, forcing him into a 1 for 9 game and a mere three points. Donald Copeland did the bulk of the scoring, but without his big man in full force, Seton Hall didn't stand a chance.

Too bad it's going to be gruesome murder when RU faces Villanova.

I'd talk more about this Louisville-Pitt matchup, but it's more than one-sided. I don't know exactly when Louisville scored their first bucket, but there were under 13 minutes left in the first half. True, Georgetown didn't score a bucket until a similar time, but their opponent only scored 11 to that point. Pitt was over 20. And now it's 28-5, and Pitt looks all but unstoppable. I may have jumped the gun on my WVU over Pitt prediction. Judging by the way both teams have played of late, I wouldn't be the least surprised to see Pitt steamroll in their second round meeting.

What the hell happened?!? I get up for 5 minutes, I come back and it's a one possession game. Well, until Pitt hits a free throw and makes the lead 4. There we go: blocked shot might just seal the deal. Yep. Even a last second field goal is futile.

Remember that Pitt momentum I was talking about? Not so sure about that one right now, I'll be honest.