Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Nate Dogg to the Rescue...Well, Not This Time

Okay, so the Knicks got slapped a bit silly by the Nuggets in the third quarter and it cost them the game. There is some good to be taken of this. For the first time since Steve Francis has been a Knick, Nate Robinson suited up.

Of course, Larry Brown knew to use Robinson at the exact second that he would be the most effective: 1:30 remaining in the third quarter with the team down 19. Of course, Nate knocked down a 25-footer within nine seconds of being on the court.

He again entered the game with 4:00 minutes left and the team down 20 and quickly netted six more points, including two technical freebies.

Think Larry Brown will up his workload to 10 minutes next game? I'd beg, but I know it's futile. Why does Brown have to hate rookies?