Sunday, March 19, 2006

Mad Gary

Less than a week ago, I read something in the paper about Gary Sheffield, in which he seemed happy to be in New York. Having followed Sheff through most of his career, I knew better than to think this feeling would last. And I was right.

In today's Daily News, Sheff lashes out as if he didn't make those statements earlier in the week.

"I've really never got comfortable," Sheffield said before the Yanks beat the Marlins, 8-3, at Roger Dean Stadium. "I'm not comfortable. I'm not allowed to be comfortable. That's the reality of my situation. I always have to play with my back against the wall."

Sheffield also said there will be "just one more year of that and then I don't have to do it no more," an obvious reference to his contract situation with the Bombers. The Yankees hold a $13 million club option on Sheffield for 2007 and the issue of whether it will be exercised has popped up several times already this spring. At points, Sheffield seemed to imply he wouldn't mind if the Yanks let him go.

It's going to be a tumultuous year.