Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Jets Working On Abe Deal

This one looks rather enticing, though it doesn't look like the Falcons are very keen on it. Matt Shaub and the 15th selection in the second round for the former (and certainly future) All-Pro. The Falcons first round selection (obviously 15th overall) had been discussed as well, but they don't want to part with Shaub or their first rounder. This begs the question of whether the Falcons are serious contenders for Abraham.

The Falcons steadfastly refuse to include two-year veteran quarterback Matt Schaub, the player Jets officials regard as the centerpiece to any deal, in their trade proposals.

This makes some sense, since Shaub is regarded as a solid prospect for a starting gig. This translates into an adequate backup for Michael Vick, who is always at risk for injury. However, Shaub is the most attractive player on the Falcons roster to the Jets, as they are seeking competition for incumbent QB Chad Pennington. He is also a much better option than Patrick Ramsey, who could be headed to New York soon in return for a sixth round pick. Not much for compensation, but with the state of the Jets offensive line, Ramsey will surely flop.

The only other viable option from the Falcons roster is RB T.J. Duckett, though I'm sure the Falcons will also be reluctant to part ways with him, seeing as he's 25 and Warrick Dunn is 31. That leaves the only real option as a 2nd and 3rd rounder, which isn't exactly attractive for a guy of Abraham's caliber.

My take: unless the Jets can acquire Duckett, Shaub, or a 1st rounder, it's best to look elsewhere.