Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Introducing: Faux GM

Everyone likes to play Faux GM, and since I have the medium to do so, I’m going to hop right on this bandwagon (though it’s getting a bit stuffy). And since we’re past the NBA trade deadline and there shouldn’t be any earth shattering moves in MLB prior to Opening Day (sans a Soriano trade, which should happen if the Nationals have an inkling of a clue), the NFL is where we’ll start.

As a precursor, I’m going to mention that I gleaned much of my salary cap information from Ask the Commish. That’s a link to the salary cap page, but you might want to go to the main page and click around for a bit. Definitely worth your time.

It’s tough to make these faux moves at this point, considering the limbo status of the CBA. The league year doesn’t start until Thursday, and if a new CBA isn’t ratified, big names could hit the market en masse. But, since this is a faux analysis, I’m going to play around a little bit. Basically, if a player is heavily rumored to be on the chopping block (e.g. Will Shields), I’m going to consider him up for grabs.

While I will maintain a degree of reason in assessing a team’s situation, I’m not too concerned with the specific terms of a potential contract. Sure, you can forecast how much a player will make in total salary and guaranteed money, there’s no way to realistically figure out what the net cap charge will be in the contract’s first year. Just remember, the 30 percent rule (i.e. total money earned in one year cannot exceed a 30 percent raise over the previous year) is in effect, meaning that there will be no “base salary of $1 mil for Year One and $10 mil for Year Two, the uncapped year” deals floating around in my faux office.

Seeing how I’m not a die-hard fan of every professional sports team, feedback is much appreciated.

The initial experiment will begin sometime later today.