Monday, March 13, 2006

Internet Explorer Sucks

It has come to my attention (through my own exploration, I might add) that the site does not display properly in Internet Explorer. I tried fidgeting with the pixels to make it fit, but it seems the problem is in the code dealing with the new right side bar.

Now, I could go back through the entire template and fix it, but I don't think that's going to happen. The page views perfectly in Firefox, which everyone should be using anyway (sorry, I don't mean to tell people what to do, but IE just isn't safe).

So yeah, if you're having a problem viewing the site, I offer my sincere apologies. There are two simple options. 1) use Firefox. 2) just scroll down for the main content. It may be a slight pain, but it ain't that bad.

And I've been a bit busy, hence no real post yet today. Still a few errands to run, but I'm sure I'll get bored and type 5,000 words on the Tournament and NFL free agency later on today.