Monday, March 27, 2006

I Am Not Obsessed With Barry Bonds

I'm just fascinated with how this whole speil is playing out in various media outlets. For instance, Bonds made appearances at two major sports news players yesterday, ESPN and FOX Sports.

The ESPN story, linked to on the main page as of 11:45 p.m. on March 27th, is titled Bonds: 'My life is in shambles. It is crazy'. In this puff piece, ESPN cites a recent interview with the Associated Press in which Bonds begs for attention, as per usual. Only in one paragraph is any sort of injury mentioned:

He appears unfazed at the plate. He's 10-for-16 with four homers in exhibition play despite being held out of San Francisco's lineup for the third straight day because of a tender left elbow.

So even when they're talking injury, they're grazing over it. Direct your attention, if you will, to FOX Sports. Bonds was not featured on the main page (as of 11:45), but had a blurb on thier MLB Index site titled, Bonds has elbow, knee examined.

Granted, we're not looking at anything serious here. As team spokesman Blake Rhodes put it, "The doctors were very happy with what they saw in the examination." But it's still relevant information. Why run a puff piece when you have hard news to report? (Simple answer: ESPN will do ANYTHING to revive the hype of their Bonds reality show.)

Most interestingly, the FOX Sports article contains a curious paragraph. I will add my own emphasis:

"If this were a regular-season game, he could probably play," Conte said. "We're trying to be ultraconservative. He shouldn't have any restrictions, but we'll see how he comes through."

Obviously, there is no mention of a Conte anywhere else in the article. Oops. It is now 11:57 p.m., and the article was posted two hours ago. Let's see how long until they catch the mistake.