Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Happy Gary

Gary Sheffield has fluctuated back to being content. This will last approximately two weeks.

"How do you go from playing for the Yankees to playing for someone else?" he said. "I know (playing with the Yankees) keeps me interested. I'm the type of guy who loses interest real quick. When I give out what I'm giving out and I don't feel like I'm getting back, I just go the other way. But the motivation has always been there here. I've never had to go the other way."

Sheff's declining stats are more of an issue in my mind if he is in fact properly motivated. If, as the article states, he believes his body is "more like a 33- or 34-year-old's," then his numbers shouldn't continue spiraling downwards in 2006. Ergo, he should be content playing under his current contract until he proves that he can hit like a 34-year-old. Naturally, that won't be the case, and we'll see Sheff back to "Angry Gary" soon enough.