Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Damon Has Tendinitis

Yes, he is officially injured, but apparently isn't thinking about withdrawing from the WBC. In fact, he may be available to hit in tonight's game against Mexico, though it would likely be in a pinch-hitting situation, since A-Rod and Chipper Jones have been rotating at DH and 3B.

I know I'm the anti-WBC grinch here, but Damon seriously needs to withdraw. He just signed a deal with the New York Yankees, not Team USA. As such, he needs to protect his body against further injury, especially if said injury wasn't sustained as a Yankee.

He's done his part; he's represented his country. Now it's time to step back, assess your situation, and realize that the risk of further injury isn't worth a few Team USA at bats. Get back to camp, Johnny. Gene Monahan will make everything better.