Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Boomer: "Selig Needs To Resign"

Tell us something we didn't figure out years ago. In my travels through the world of baseball fandom, I don't believe I've found anyone who can adequately defend Selig. There's just too much incompetence there to circumvent.

Of course, I'm not posting this just because I hate Selig. I'm posting this because Boomer has some choice words for the man, and I couldn't have summed it up better myself.

"This is just something where Bud is bored. He has no clue. He's clueless," Wells said. "If you say something derogatory toward Bud, he wants an apology. My question is, why is he even wasting his time on something like that? What's the purpose? Does he have to let people know that he's there? Tell him to come talk to me. I've had issues with him the last few years. He said, 'Oh, we need to talk.' He said, 'I'll take you to dinner when I come to Boston.' Has he done it? Hell no. He's a piece of shit. And you can quote me on that."

I would have been satisfied had the rant ended there. But, since Boomer is Boomer, he felt the need to elaborate:

"Bud has a hard time leaving Milwaukee, let alone going out and trying to do [anything]," Wells said. "It's almost a burden for him to have to go to New York or a city like that. If he has that much passion for the game of baseball, then why isn't he doing something good for it? Name one good thing he's done for the game of baseball. "He worries about what people say about him and he Googles himself. I'm sure he's going to Google [his name] tomorrow and say, 'Oh, there's Dave talking about me.' You know what? Be a man of your words. He's ducked me for two years."

Remember, he's only the commissioner because the owners wanted to install someone they could manipulate. They looked around the room and saw Selig as the most malleable. Hopefully the next commissioner has something resembling a spine.

The link to the full article is here.