Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Bonds Didn't Use Steroids?

Well, at least according to Bay Area students and radio show callers. For a list of quotes, head over to the article at Deadspin. It's chock full of quotes from students who sincerely believe Bonds' massive growth was due to extra training.

I'm sorry, but these kids are the most closed-minded people I've met. The evidence is there. Why have a doping schedule if you're not going to dope? Once again, I encourage you to check out the article over at and review the excerpted evidence for yourself. I'm sure that the forthcoming book will only elaborate on this and give us a clear view of Bonds's doping habits.

This pure denial is an exercise in ignorance. Facts are being ignored, and people are outraged at facts. Of course, this type of thing has happened before. Hell, some people to this day believe that Richard Nixon did no wrong during his presidency (thanks to jscape over at Pinstripe Alley for that one. For a guy whose favorite college course was US History, 1945-Present, I can't believe I missed this one).

The only issue left open to contest here is the degree of Barry's wrongdoing. Baseball didn't have an active steroid testing progam until 2003, well after Barry's alleged (I think that term still needs to be used for legal purposes, though I doubt Bonds would sue me if I omitted it) doping commenced. So, under the rules of no ex post facto, Bonds really can't be punished for his past offenses, since they technically didn't violate MLB guidelines -- even if they did violate federal law.

While many people are, I won't go so far as to say his stats should be asterisked or deleted. Sure, I hate him as much as the next guy. He's an arrogant, lying sonuvabitch. But, like Bill Romanowski, Bonds stayed ahead of the game and used substances not explicitly banned by the league. Also like Romo, Bonds is a sleaze bag.

So if you're from the Bay Area, I plead with you to accept evidence and facts. Barry Bonds put illegal substances in his body for the purposes of adding power to his already prolific skills. Please, debate the degree of his wrongdoing, because that could at least be marginally interesting. But to deny that he put these substances in his body is a futile attempt to cover for a liar; it defines the word "ignorance."