Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Now for A Break in Your Yankees Coverage

Read it and rejoice: Terry Bradway has stepped down as General Manager of the New York Jets.

Any regular reader of this site knows my opinion of Bradway. I don't know what motivated him to step down, but it was certainly the right move (though he'll stay on as a consultant).

Taking his place is Assistant GM Mike Tannenbaum, a guy I think I could grow warm to. Apparently the Mangini signing was much his doing.

This move is timely with the approach of free agency, an area in which Bradway can claim little success. Tannenbaum first has to clean up the existing roster mess, however, before he can think about importing players from around the league.

I'll reiterate my positions, just in case Tannenbaum finds my opinions worthwhile.

Cut David Barrett, Eric Barton, Jason Fabini, Curtis Martin, Ty Law.
Draft A.J. Hawk in the first round and use the remaining picks to help bolster the offensive line.
Sign John Abraham long term. How many times are you going to see a d-lineman like this on a Jets roster? If that's not possible, please don't trade him for Philip Rivers unless the deal includes a package of draft picks as well.
Use Jerricho Cotchery more, Justin McCariens less.

The future is looking a bit less bleak for the Jets.