Tuesday, February 21, 2006

In A Blogging Mood

For as long as I've been writing about baseball on the Internet, I've been averse to the words "blog," "blogger," "blogging," and just about any form of that word. Even as blogs began to pop up in the mainstream media, I still vehemently denied any association with "blogging." I rationalized that I am just a writer who uses this "blog" as a forum, even though it's not in the style of a traditional blog.

I'm began to cope with it, too, mainly because of the expanded definition of the term "blog." I didn't want to fall into the category of posting a ton of links with sometimes snappy one-line comments. Why would anyone want to read me? People can get their news (and savvy commentary) on more mainstream sites like ESPN.com, FOXSports.com, and even Deadspin.com. I'm here for opinions, commentary, and analysis, not news.

But then I did my week of Winter Meetings posts, which were nothing more than a link orgy with some quips here and there about idiots and dunderheads. That was fun, but I couldn’t see doing that full-time. I mean, what is interesting about it? Even though thousands of others do it daily and have actual readership, I just couldn’t see myself heading in that direction.

But then I read an article by Jon Weisman over at Dodger Thoughts that had me rethinking my position on the word. Apparenly Weisman has/had the same aversion, but he's now coping with it in his way.

Basically, if a blog is now defined as a creative and candid outlet for talented writers to express their thoughts, I’m all for it. That’s exactly what I sought out to do. Mainstream writers bore me because their editors and the corporations they work for limit them. And while many bloggers – yours truly included – would vastly benefit from an editor, I appreciate the no holds barred commentary on some of these sites.

So yes, when the Sporting Brews is referred to as part of the blogosphere, I am no longer offended. In fact, I may begin embracing it. Hey, if guys like Weisman and Alex Belth can do the blogging thing and turn it into a few mainstream gigs, I’d be a fool not to jump on the bandwagon.

That said, I’m linking to my personal favorite article from today (though it was posted yesterday). Rich Lederer over at Baseball Analysts has posted a marvelous piece on strikeout proficiency. It may be one of the most provocative articles I’ve read all winter. And to top it off, he followed up today with some mathematical evidence of his theory. For a guy who loathes complicated mathematics, I found this captivating.

Jeff over at Lookout Landing has another provocative piece today on the three-way battle for the Mariners second-baseman. While this doesn't exactly pertain to the Yankees, it serves two purposes. First, it's a great read from a great author. Second, it should help put Torre's recent comments about the pitching staff (Tanyon sharing set-up duties with Farnsworth, his apparent affinity for J-Wright) in a better perspective.

Oh, and I’m still working on something on our old buddy Alfonso Soriano. See, I’m even following the blogger mantra of posting multiple times in a day.