Thursday, January 26, 2006

Twelve Questions

For a website once dedicated solely to the Yankees, I’ve really been slacking on content covering my favorite team lately. I guess it’s just natural, since the hot stove has cooled a bit and the Yanks are seemingly ready to head into the season as is. However, this site started with Yankees coverage, and I don’t intend to stray too far from that in the upcoming season. Sure, I’ll post opinions on topics I find interesting, but they won’t cut into anything Yankees related.

It’s going to be tough to keep solid coverage on the team until mid-March or so, when we can discuss preliminary player evaluations and the like. But what to do in the interim? Well, pitchers and catchers report on February 16th, which is three weeks from today. If I do a Yankees piece four days a week (which means the return of Sans Stats on Fridays) starting Monday, that makes 12. Hence we begin a series, Twelve Questions Facing the 2006 Yankees.

This does not bode well for today, since the introduction to the series took up a whopping 175 words. So for the sake of space and something to read, here’s a schedule of upcoming posts:

1/30: Question No. 1: Will Randy’s Back Hold Up?
1/31: Question No. 2: Can Moose Find Consistency?
2/01: Question No. 3: Will Wang, Chacon, and Small Contribute?
2/02: Question No. 4: Will Villone and Farnsworth Outperform Sturtze/Quantrill and Gordon?
2/03: Sans Stats
2/06: Question No. 5: Brutananadilewski (Or: How Will Carl Pavano Factor In?)
2/07: Question No. 6: What Will J-Wright’s Role Be?
2/08: Question No. 7: Can We Expect Another MVP Season From A-Rod?
2/09: Question No. 8: Will Sheff’s Decline in 2005 Continue in 2006?
2/10: Sans Stats
2/13: Question No. 9: Is Jeter’s Defense That Bad?
2/14: Question No. 10: Valentine’s Day Special: Will The Team Love Carry Over in 2006?
2/15: Question No. 11: How Much Has the Outfield Coverage Improved?
2/16: Question No. 12: The Bench: How Deep and/or Complete?
2/17: Sans Stats, Pitchers and Catchers Edition

So…I guess I better get cracking on this, eh?