Wednesday, January 25, 2006

So I Got to Thinking

I posted the previous article last night, having given it the once over and everything. It seemed reasonable enough, so I threw it up there knowing full well that Piazza won’t sign with the Yanks. But at least it was something to think about.

Then this morning rolled around, and I realized the beginning of a series of fatal errors: I left Aaron Small off the pitchers list. Oops. So that means 12 pitchers and 13 position players, which means there is no 25th spot for Piazza to fill.

Of course, this got me to thinking deeper about the scenario. While I’d still rather carry Piazza than a 12th pitcher, I’d also rather carry an extra outfielder than Piazza. Unfortunately, I’ve been over the leftover outfielders, and no one seems overly appealing.

So while the previous article isn’t the ideal scenario, it presents a favorable option. Today, however, I’ve conjured up a better scenario. Someone had mentioned how great it would be to land Austin Kearns, but also added that Cincy probably wouldn’t accept Pavano in any trade. Not so fast; that could actually be an option.

Apparently one of the reasons Dan O’Brien was relieved of his duties as Reds general manager was his mismanagement of a trade that would have netted them Matt Clement and cost them Kearns. If the new Reds brass was disappointed at O’Brien for pulling out of the Sox trade, why would they turn away from a Yanks trade involving Kearns and Pavano?

Just to keep some continuity with the first post today, that would reduce the number of pitchers to 11 and add a 14th position player, making everyone happy. Yay!

Sheffield gets more time at DH, Kearns gets time in right field, so this makes sense for the Yankees. The Reds have been looking into dishing Kearns this off-season and were nearly willing to accept Matt Clement for him, so this makes sense for the Reds.

Cashman realizes the value of pitching, though, so this is all probably moot. But it’s just another idea the Yankees should at least explore. Then again, why would they ever take advice from me?