Friday, January 06, 2006

Herman Addendum

I didn’t have any time to write this morning, so I was just going to take the day off and come back with something on Monday. But I just have to follow up on the Herman Edwards saga.

Turns out, the Chiefs are set to send a fourth rounder to New York as compensation for Herm, which is obviously contingent upon he and the Chiefs coming to terms on a contract. All the sudden, I’m miffed at this deal.

While I wrote my thoughts yesterday, I was under the impression that the Jets would be getting first day picks for Herm, which I thought was certainly worth the sacrifice. Obviously, I took the whole “the Chiefs gave up a second and third for Vermeil” thing too far. And in reality, I should have stepped back and rethought the situation, since Herm doesn’t have nearly the track record Vermeils has/had.

And now, a measly fourth rounder is all the Jets will receive. This, my friends, irks me to no end. The Coaching Carousel is in full effect, with seven current coaching vacancies, and the Jets help fill someone else’s – while creating one of their own – for a freakin’ fourth rounder.

What irks me even more is that Donnie Henderson’s name hasn’t really come up as a possible replacement, at least in any major media source. Jim Haslett has been mulled, but quite honestly, all you need to do is look at his talented Saints teams for my opinion on him. Sure, Aaron Brooks’s lack of focus and inability to make quick decisions may have inadvertently sabotaged the Haslett Era in New Orleans, but I still think he could have done better with the teams he was given. Underachieving coaches need not apply.

I’m sure the team doesn’t plan to interview Mike Tice, Dom Capers, Norv Turner, or Mike Sherman, as it is all but common knowledge that they won’t be landing another gig for next year. I heard Jim Fassel’s name thrown around, but I’ve read up plenty on him, and for the most part it’s negative. Mike Martz is the final fired coach, but since he’s an offensive minded coach, I doubt he’d be attracted to the Jets lack of ball movement (not to mention an aging half back and a quarterback with a girl arm).

My No. 1 suggestion: Jim Johnson from Philly. Sure, he’s a geezer, but he’s always the best available coach in Madden

Seriously, though. Current Giants D coordinator Tim Lewis has been a name thrown around, and if the Jets aren’t ready/willing to promote Henderson, this is the guy they should go for. That may irk Henderson, since they’d be hiring a defensive coordinator as head coach when they already have a promotable one in-house, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I’m not Jets brass; I don’t know what they think of Donnie. I just think it would be a mistake to not promote him now and watch him leave for another team after next year – or hell, even this year (I’ve heard his name in connection with the Saints).

As I said yesterday, 2006 is undoubtedly a retooling year, and the Jets need to come to grips with that as well. Hire Henderson, let him feel his way through 2006, and have a viable roster and coach ready for 2007.