Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Winter Meetings: Wednesday

Update: 3:00 p.m.
Mirabelli for Loretta Near Completion

That certainly help beef up the Sox lineup. It also means Tony Graffanino will be available, though more likely as a starter than a utility man. Would I sign him and then trade Cano, Wang, and Hughes to the Marlins for Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis, as George King has offered up as a rumor? A hundred out of a hundred times. Too bad the Marlins would need a collective lobotomy in order for that deal to go through.

Braves Trade Backstop Estrada to D-Back for Relief

Lance Cormier and Oscar Villarreal are the guys headed to the ATL. Cormier, while young, has been atrocious in his one-plus years in the majors, posting low strikeout rates and high walk totals. His saving grace is the high hits per innings number, which many attribute to luck rather than hitters being able to mash the pitcher. I just think he serves up pitches prime for tattooing.

Villarreal had a stellar season at age 21, but has only pitched 31 2/3 innings in the anteceding two years. A gamble for sure, but he's only 24 at this point. Considering the Braves seemed a bit desperate to unload Estrada, this may work out for them.

Astros May Not Offer Clemens Arbitration

Ken Rosenthal points out that the Yankees may become immediately interested should this be the scenario. And you know what? If Clemens could be had on a one-year deal, I'd do it. Sure, he sort of double-crossed the Yanks by "retiring" and then coming back with the Astros. But he's proven that he can still chuck the ball, and could be an excellent complement to Randy Johnson. Plus, it makes Carl Pavano more expendable, possibly netting a center fielder like Jeremy Reed or some much needed bullpen help.

Of course, this is quite a long shot, as I would expect Clemens to retire if he's not back with the Astros next season.

Cubs Close To Deal For Pierre

Looks like they'll part ways with Sergio Mitre and another pitching prospect to get the deal done. I guess that's the luxury of having a slew of young arms. I would imagine that if this deal was consummated, the Prior for Abreu trade (as ridiculous as it already is) would be dead.

Phils Still Talking Abreu, Dodgers Offer Penny, Lowe

That's Penny OR Lowe, for those of you confused by my headline writing. This is a bit perplexing, since there were Prior for Abreu talks yesterday. Lowe and Penny aren't quite on the same level, and yet the Phils might be throwing in David Bell in this deal as well. Should Abreu end up in L.A., would that mean Bradley's departure is a certainty? Unless the Dodgers plan to move J.D. Drew, I would say yes.

More Rumors of Damon to Yanks

Looks like he's not so enamored with the Red Sox and their three-year, $27 million offer. This situation conjures up images of Bernie after the 1998 season, though there is no Albert Belle that the Red Sox are pursuing (actually, they're looking to dump a Belle-esque player -- well, without the degenerative hip problem). Damon's interest in the Yanks could merely be a ploy to get Boston to up their offer.

I'll reiterate this: I wouldn't mind Damon on a three-year deal. Up it to four, and I'm right out.

Casey to Bucs for Lefty Williams

Looks like the Pirates may be staging a coup in the NL Central, bringing in another bat to complement Jason Bay. Plus, with Sean Burnett, Oliver Perez, and Zach Duke, Williams becomes expendable. Not like he's ever posted below the league average in his career, anyway. Mark Redman may be next (please, oh please send him to the Red Sox).

Red Sox Shopping Renteria

The proposed deal sends Julio Lugo to Boston, Renteria to Atlanta, and a prospect to Tampa Bay. Why don't the Braves just trade the prospect for Lugo? Do they seriously want Renteria more than Lugo?