Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Winter Meetings: Tuesday

Some stuff I’ve gathered from the Winter Meetings thus far.

Updated at 2:45
Nixon to the Bucs?
The Red Sox are also talking to the Pirates about a trade involving Trot Nixon for either Kip Wells or Mark Redman.

Yankees have to be crossing their fingers, stroking their rabbits feet, and praying to Pan the Goat God for this one to happen. But really, I don't see how it could, and if it did, I wouldn't count on Manny leaving town. Nixon is lethal against righties, which would put yet another hole in the Sox lineup. And then they'd go with a rotation of Beckett, Schilling, Wakefield, Arroyo/Clement, Wells/Redman?

And that's not to mention the Soriano for Manny rumors, which would send Clement out of town as well. Regardless, there is not one truly reliable pitcher in that rotation. And with the diminished offensive capabilities, the Sox may finish third this year to the Blue Jays. I'll undoubtedly do a detailed analysis of the Sox as soon as more develops on these situations.

It's Official: Burnett A Bird

I can only imagine the exchange between GM J.P. Ricciardi and owner Ted Rogers:
J.P.: Ted, I took your $102 million dollars down to the bank, and got it changed into quarters!
Ted: So?
J.P.: So now I can dump them into this little pool and swim in them all day long! Yeeeeeesssss! Ted's money!

Phils, Cubs Talk Prior For Abreu

Because when you have the chance to turn a 25-year-old who has proven he can pitch in the Bigs into a 31-year-old outfielder, you do it every time.

Mueller to Choose Pirates or Dodgers

Let’s see, perennial loser or team that has a chance to contend? Jack Wilson and Jason Bay, or Jeff Kent and Rafael Furcal? Something tells me that transitioning from the Sox to the Bucs might be a bit traumatic.

And what’s proving to be the biggest news…
Burnett, Jays Close To Deal

Five years, $55 million. Makes the Pavano deal seem reasonable by comparison.

Don’t worry, the Yanks are still making a few headlines.

Yanks Considering Nomar, Bernie

Neither would necessarily be a starter in the Bronx, but each would provide an invaluable service: quality men off the bench. The Yankees bench has been thin of late, and it certainly has hurt the team in recent seasons. But with adequate bench hitters like Bernie and Nomar, combined with the Dave Roberts-eqsue ability of Tony Womack, the Yanks might be in decent shape next year. That is, if they can land a guy to patrol center on a daily basis (see Jeremy Reed piece below).

More to come, surely, as it develops.