Thursday, December 08, 2005

Winter Meetings: Thursday

Updated: 4:15 p.m.
Yanks Land LOOGY Myers

Well, at least this came after the Red Sox declined to offer him arbitration, thus not costing any draft picks. Could have been better (Rincon), could have been worse (no one). I'm decidedly on the fence with this one.

Tigers Land Lefty Rogers, Closer Jones

Two links there. So the Troy Percival experiment is seemingly over, though the Tigers could make good use of both him and Jones in late innings. I've grown to like Todd Jones, mainly because my buddy Andy always hypes him up. He was also part of our MVP Baseball Dodgers dynasty, so he has an automatic soft spot with me.

As for Kenny Rogers, well, someone was going to pick him up for sure, and the Tigers were as logical a choice as any. Sean Douglass is probably the odd man out of the rotation at this point, which is shaping up to look like this: Bonderman, Rogers, Johnson, Robertson, Maroth (though not necessarily in that order). Not great, but not shabby either. I guess Carl Pavano won't be headed there after all.

Mets Close to Deal for Franco

No, not John, but a Franco of the Julio type. I like this signing, as the Mets are now adding depth to their heavy lineup. Now if they can just find an adequate second baseman. Tony Graffanino, anyone?

O's Snag Catcher Hernandez

This surely pushes Javy Lopez to the DH slot, further solifying the Orioles offense. Why I'm not scared: they add offense every year, and every year they have a gaping hole in the pitching department, which has become exacerbated by losing B.J. Ryan.

I'm not so high on Ramon Hernandez ever since watching his at bat in the bottom of the ninth in Game One of the NLDS. Three pitches that were at least a foot outside, three times he swung blindly.

Woo Hoo!!!!

Yep, Tony Womack is gone, headed Cincinnati way. What will the Yanks get in return? Unknown at this point, but I think a souveneir baseball will do the trick.

45.6 Percent of "Sports Nation" Retarded

I'll have to update this link, since those Sports Nation polls get moved frequently. But 45.6 percent of repondents said that they enjoy hot-stove season more than the regular season. These people obviously watch "Trading Spouses" and just plain hate baseball. How can you enjoy people switching teams more than watching those players actually play the game? Have we all gone bonkers? How could that poll be so close?

And if I offended anyone with that last paragraph, eff you. Watch the friggin' games. Otherwise, what's the point?

Renteria to Braves for Marte

Rumors were abound with this one, and it has finally come true. The Red Sox has effectively shored up their defense by subtracting 30 errors, and the Braves have filled the hole left by Rafael Furcal with a esser player.

Marte doesn't look quite major-league ready and could spend the bulk of 2006 in Pawtucket. He just recently turned 22, so there's plenty of time for him to come around, especially considering the Red Sox still have Kevin Youkilis and Mike Lowell, who both could be dangled as trade bait at this point.

But the question now is: who will start at short for the Red Sox? They dished their #1 guy, Hanley Ramirez, in the Josh Beckett deal, effectively leaving them with no one in the six hole. More on this as it develops.

Bernie Backy, Baby!

The Bergen Record is reporting that the Yankees and Bernie Williams have agreed in principle on a one-year, $2 million contract. Now, hit those weights, Bern, and let's see if you can't provide some of that coveted coverage in center field.

Soriano to...Nats? Wilkerson, Sledge, Minor Leaguer Compensation

Well, I think we can safely say no one saw that one coming. Wilkerson was one of the guys I liked for the job in the Bronx, but it appears he'll stick in Texas, thus a trade of Kevin Mench is a near certainty.

I don't know much about Terrmel Sledge, other than the fact that I discovered him playing MVP Baseball 2005. He had a decent offering in 2004 before spending most of 2005 on the DL. Obviously, his name is his selling point.

This still doesn't look like the kind of package Texas had previously been seeking for Sori, but that's what happens when your options turn to squat. The Twins got Castilla, the Red Sox got Loretta, the Pads are turning their attention to Nomar, and the Mets seem more interested in Grundzielanek.

The article further mentions that he'd move to left field. Good luck.

As Predicted, Overbay Lands With Jays

Ricciardi wanted a bat, he got one. Though Overbay is no Manny, he still adds a bit of offense to the Jays for the 2006 campaign. And all it cost them was David Bush -- who isn't all that bad -- Gabe Gross -- who could come around if given at bats -- and a minor leaguer. Not a bad deal all around. At least I can't think of anything wise-ass to say. Well, except maybe, "Gross Bush Attracts Overbay."

Wickman Doesn't Mind Being Second Best

After the Indians failed in their bid for Trevor Hoffman, they quickly re-upped with closer Bob Wickman. Great feeling, isn't it, to know you weren't in the cards until Plan A fell though.

Oh, and my personal favorite:
Yanks Offer Bernie Arbitration

Surely he'll decline, but I'm glad they're still keeping the door open. Just remember, math majors, the equation is very simple. Bernie > Sierrra.

Also at the above link, you'll find that Frank Thomas, Braden Looper, Bengie Molina, Jarrod Washburn, Scott Hatteberg, Erubiel Durazo, Mike Piazza, and Octavio Dotel all weren't arbitration. My apologies in advance to Thomas and Piazza, who were once great, but the theme of Arbitration 2006 is obvious:
What? You're Friggin' Mediocre!

Oh, there will be more.