Monday, December 05, 2005

I Heart Anna Benson

Sorry, I just couldn’t lay off this one. There was an article in today’s Daily News about Kris Benson’s wife, who by the way is a hottie. Though it’s not as if the article failed to mention that fact. In fact, the only terms used to describe Anna Benson referred to her optimal face bone placement (and her smokin’ body).

Some reasons why I find Anna Benson amusing:

1) She threatened to sleep with the entire Mets team should she find her husband cheated on her. Come on, that’s hi-larious! Definitely conjures up images of Roger and Susan Dorn. Plus, doesn’t that count as incentive for free agents? If headlines broke that Kris has been caught cheating, don’t you think every free agent on the market would be submitting lowball offers to the Mets?

2) She called out Carlos Delgado for not standing during “God Bless America.” This wouldn’t be nearly as funny if Delgado hadn’t agreed to stand for the 7th inning favorite after he signed with the Mets.

3) She consistently stated that the Mets were trying to trade “us.” While I do find that assessment accurate, it’s not exactly like the Mets are in a war room trying to figure out what teams are interested in Anna Benson (all of them).

Quite honestly, I’d be a bit miffed if I was Kris. The last thing he needs at this point is his wife intervening in his professional life. If anything, Anna’s little diatribe will make dishing her husband a bit more of a priority. What, do you think the Mets brass wants to deal with publicity like this for an overpaid No. 3 starter? Surely not.

Moving from satire to a bit of analysis, it will be interesting to see if the Mets can deal Benson and what they can get for him, considering the similar pitchers being dangled at this point (Vazquez, Pavano, Clement). Reports are flowing through the mill that a Benson for Vazquez deal, but that deal would be all Diamondbacks. Remember, they are now obligated to trade Vazquez, and getting a similar pitcher for him straight up would be cause to rejoice. The Mets would just be swapping out Benson for a guy who sucked across town.

Honestly, if the Mets can’t add a viable 2nd/3rd starter, they should stick with Benson. The have an ace in Pedro, but beyond that is a series of question marks. Glavine can produce, but probably not over the duration of the season. Steve Trachsel will be available as a No. 4 guy, Heilman may be plugged into the rotation, and Jay Seo might finally get his shot, but all of these guys are far from sure things. Benson has shown flashes of a No. 2 starter, but most likely will be third in the rotation, which is ideal for him.