Thursday, December 15, 2005

F*ck Tha Police

Remember that guy Jason Michaels that us Yanks fans were discussing a few weeks back (it seems he has fallen off the radar for the moment)? From the Philadelphia Daily News:

This morning he [Michaels] is scheduled to appear at his twice-postponed hearing for a July 3 incident in which he is accused of punching and dragging to the ground a police officer outside an Old City nightspot.

Imagine him and Farnsworth on the same squad. Do you think anyone would dare throw at A-Rod or Jeter? I know I'd at least have to think about it 18 times before I did it, knowing that two brawlers are on the Yanks bench, just itching for a fight.

Please note that this doesn't make me want to sign Michaels (remember, I'm sticking with Bubba, maybe Kotsay or Payton for some time in CF/RF). Nor do I advocate assaulting police officers. I don't hate the police, I just don't care for their antics much.

To the police I'm sayin f*ck you punk
Readin my rights and shit, it's all junk
Pullin out a silly club, so you stand
With a fake assed badge and a gun in your hand

But take off the gun so you can see what's up
And we'll go at it punk, I'ma f*ck you up