Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thome for Rowand

Yes, it’s the third entry for today, but 1) I want to get stuff in before the holiday weekend, 2) traffic is slow, and I could use the hits, and 3) in some odd sort of way, this affects the Yankees.

Coveted by the Yankees, White Sox center fielder Aaron Rowand about to be shipped off to Philly for expendable first baseman slugger Jim Thome.

Of course, White Sox GM Kenny Williams already nixed the idea of trading Rowand to the Yankees, stating that the Yankees did not have a match in their farm system that they were willing to trade. All hopes of a three-way trade were squashed with the breaking of this story.

This leaves the White Sox in prime position to acquire Juan Pierre from the Marlins to fill the void left by Rowand, taking another name off the potential suitors for center field in the Bronx.

But this story isn’t all downside for the Yanks. With Rowand on board, the Phillies may be willing to listen to offers for Endy Chavez, who has been discussed as an option for the Yankees in the past week or so. And since Rowand has proven himself as an everyday guy in center, Chavez becomes very dispensable.

The major problem with this scenario is that Chavez bats lefty, same as Bubba Crosby, negating any possibility of a platoon. Any acquisition of Chavez would be more of an experiment than a certainty. He posted his best year in 2004 with the Expos, averaging .277/.318/.371 in 502 at bats. Call me crazy, but I think that Bubba could post similar numbers given that number of at bats.

I would urge Cashman to ignore the calls regarding Chavez, but unfortunately, Cashman doesn’t exactly have an ear for my voice right now.