Tuesday, November 08, 2005


The Matsui negotiations don’t begin until tomorrow and nothing really interesting happened at the GM meetings (but we’ll give them a break since it was the first day and all). In fact, baseball news is so slow that people like me (you know, the type that likes to talk about the Yankees ad infinitum) are even beginning to make up news so we can relieve ourselves from the same old same old – Billy Wagner, Paul Konerko, Brian Giles, et al. And it may remain like this until Monday, likely the first day a free agent will be signed.

  • Mike Cameron Rumors. The back page of the Daily News features this story, which confuses the hell out of me. What, is it a surprise that the Mets are looking to deal their semi-attractive center fielder who no longer has a spot on the team in center? Because I was sure that most teams liked to hang on to two guys playing the same position who make a combined base salary (before escalators) of $20 million (Cam’s $8 to Beltran’s $12).

    What’s next for the back page, a story about the Mets shopping Cliff Floyd? Anyone reading the sports section knows that the Mets have two center fielders and have been shopping Floyd for over a year. And if they don’t know, they more than likely don’t care too much. Sure, it was a slow news day, especially for New York sports, but is it sacrilege in Manhattan to put out of townies on the back page? Like, you know, Peyton and the Colts? Because that’s not the big story at all.

    Anyway, my main frustration with this article is the lack of speculation. Yes, and I realize that I complain when sports writers make up ridiculous trades that will never come to fruition so long as the parties involved retain their Modula Oblongata. But give us something to work with here, people. What are the Mets looking for as compensation? What is expected of the offers? Aren’t guys like Bill Madden, sent by the Daily News to the GM meetings, supposed to be probing around about issues like this?

    The good fellas over at Replacement Level Yankees Weblog have compiled a list of potential center fielders, in which Cam is broken down. I think this analysis is as good as anything I can come up with, so shoot on over there for the scoop.

  • I have gone nearly one week deep in the NBA season without really mentioning my beloved Knicks, so I think it’s about time. Personally, I think they’re doomed, and that Larry Brown is not the savior that everyone makes him out to be. For instance, after I made assertions that the Knicks have one guy who can play D (rookie PF David Lee), my buddy Jon quipped that Larry will take care of that issue. I’m sorry, but when you have a nine man rotation and the only one who can play D is the eight or nine guy, not even a guy who swears by his ability as a defensive coach can plug the hole in that ship.

    They did have a potential starter who could shore up on D, but they dished him away for an inside presence who is a mediocre – at best – rebounder and was never taught to pass the ball. Yes, I’m talking about trading Mike Sweetney for Eddie Curry. Though, Curry fits in well with the Knicks modus operandi of putting up the rock with the least number of passes. That strategy is especially fatal when there are no rebounders on the squad. Thankfully for the Knicks…oh, wait.

    So other than Eddie Curry putting the ball up every time he touches it, here are a few other observations from sporadic viewings of the first three games: Richardson is a chucker; Channing Frye can move inside on O but has little presence on D; who is Chris Barnes???; Jerome James is better off just standing in one place; no one on the team can consistently hit a J, and that’s mainly because most of the Js are launched from beyond the arc; if they wouldn’t get into such deep holes early, they wouldn’t have to mount futile comebacks.

    Twenty wins, maybe?

  • I know it’s an easy prediction to make at this point, but I fully believe that this year is Indy’s year. Forget the fact that they’re 8-0 if you can (you can’t). It seems like the team is taking scouting to the next level, as they didn’t really break out the big guns until last night against their rival Patriots.

    It’s almost like they were toying with all their previous opponents, fully aware that if they found themselves down late in the game Peyton would be there to dissect the opposing secondary. And by playing a more conservative game, they haven’t given opposing scouts much to work with. This could lead to the first undefeated season since the ’72 Dolphins, though I’m not inclined to make that prediction now, mainly because I think that if no one else gets the job done, Jacksonville could end the streak in Week 14, or San Diego in Week 15.

    Remember, it was always the Patriots who muscled the Colts out. And since the Pats look especially vulnerable this year, Peyton may see his chance to strike. Then again, I’ll never count out the Pats until they are hit with their ninth loss.

  • Of all the T.O. coverage over the past few days, I don’t think anyone put it better than Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, as he referred to T.O. as “such a talented dick.” In essence, that’s what it comes down to. And it’s Owens’s propensity to be a dick that will cost him the millions that he covets on the open market. Though, never underestimate the Redskins owner Dan Snyder. There would be nothing holding him back from giving T.O. a boatload of cash, especially if he can find a suitor for LaVar Arrington.

    What scares me most about T.O. hitting the open market this winter: the slight possibility that he’ll land in New England, a la Corey Dillon. Of course, New England has a reputation of not dealing with guys like Owens, but if they could get it in writing that he’d shut his mouth and play football (not that I think he’d ever sign something like that), he could bring New England back to the dance again.