Friday, November 18, 2005

Pavano Wants Out; Ryan Can't Handle

I don't have a link to it, since the article doesn't appear to have made its way to the net yet. But this morning edition of the Newark Star Ledger features an article that claims Carl Pavano is "miserable" in New York and may ask for a trade this winter.

In related news, Newsdays is reporting that B.J. Ryan doesn't want to deal with the "stress" of pitching New York and will seek a closer role elsewhere.

I don't know how accurate either story is, but if any of them bear any sembalnce to truth, I don't want either of them. You have to be a gamer in New York, and bitching about the conditions isn't the trademark of a gamer.

Maybe the Yanks can work Pavano in a 3-way trade to get Rowand. Maybe we can wrestle some prospects from a pitching starved team like Seattle, Texas, Detroit, or hell, even Florida.

So in the end, the big name we wanted, B.J. Ryan, is nothing more than a stopper with a fragile psyche. Whatever. Let him go toss in Toronto where everyone is more laid back. It'll make his trips to New York more frequent, so he can know what he's missing.