Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Jose Veras?

Just a quickie here, because I just read about the Yankees signing former Rangers farm hand Jose Veras for bullpen duty. Always the curious one, I headed over to milb.com with calculator in hand and punched out a few pitching numbers.

IP:   61.2
K/9:   10.5
BB/9:   4.82
HR/9:   0.58

According to ballparks.com, the dimensions of the park are about on par with the rest of the Pacific Coast League (actually one of the shallowest at the corners, but that 415 right-center is nearly the deepest part of any park in the league).

All around, Veras looks to have quite a bit of potential. K's up, homers down, though his walk totals are a bit high. But, I have not known many a rookie to have impeccable control.

This could be one of "those" signings. Then again, this could be me being overly optimistic.