Thursday, October 27, 2005

Leave It To The Frenchies

As women continue their attempt to bridge the gap between male and female sports, leave it to a French dude to try and move the other way.

A link to the story is here.

Apparently, Jean Van de Velde thinks he is making a statement by attempting to enter the Women's British Open. I don't know what he thinks the message is, but it comes across to me like: "Hey, I'm going to enter a tournament where I can drive the ball significantly further than anyone else."

The point Van de Velde is attempting to make, obviously, is that if women are beginning to enter men's tournaments, men should be able to enter women's tournaments. That's like saying that a senior should try to play freshman baseball because a freshman is trying to play varsity.

I'm not trying to berate women's golf, but it's just fact that they cannot drive the bar as far as a male can, and that places them at a significant handicap. If, however, a woman thinks she can overcome this physical handicap, by all means she should be allowed to enter a tournament at a higher skill level.

Van De Velde is French, so that opens him up to a plethora of "the French are sissies" jokes, and rightfully so.

You know what? I hope Van de Velde gets into the Women's British Open (even though I know he won't). That way, he'll go through a ton of embarassment to prove NOTHING. Well, other than the fact that his brain cannot process complex thoughts.

As a closing analogy, Van de Velde seems like a guy who would like playing on "Rookie" in Madden.