Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Game Log

I’m sitting here, bored off my ass, with an ESPN Classic bit on Karl Malone droning in the background. Sure, I could be doing something productive now, but I’m finding it difficult to derail my mind from the track it’s on: the pennant race. Sure, I love thinking about baseball, but this is becoming a nuisance. I can’t even focus on my struggling Madden team or Word Freak by Stefan Fatsis, the book I’m currently reading (which is wonderful thus far).

So I’m sitting here on the Internet, unable to find a decent blog or message board with a discussion thread on the Red Sox game (2-0 Sox in the bottom of the 2nd right now). So what have I reduced myself to? Reading the game on ESPN Game Cast and hitting the reload button 18 times a minutes on Sons Of Sam Horn.

So, in the tradition of Red Sox die hard Bill Simmons, I’m going to keep a running diary of this game. This may set a precedent, since I don’t think anyone has logged a game strictly through a text rendition and a message board.

As I mentioned parenthetically earlier, it’s 2-0 Sox, now in the top of the third.

Top 3
I just found out that Gabe Gross pulled a Matsui in the bottom of the 2nd, having the ball hit his glove as he lost the ball in the sun. Ouch. Thankfully, Damon grounded out and the threat was ended.

And now I’m confused. There are two red dots next to “outs,” but the play box lists the only plays as, “G Gross fouled out to catcher,” and “F Catalanotto walked.” Furthering my confusion, Alex Rios just grounded into a fielder’s choice to end the inning. Checking the play by play…but it says the same thing. The lesson here: pony up the $10 to get the Down the Stretch MLB package. Seriously, I’m going to squander those ten bucks on booze or something this weekend, so why not throw it down to watch the Sox-Jays series?

I guess the fact that I work until nine tonight through Thursday is the main deterrent.

Bottom 3
I’ve ascertained that a bunch of the guys on Sons of Sam Horn (SOSH) are Game Casting the game at work as well, yet haven’t been asking the tough questions, like “why the hell were there only two outs last inning?!?” I guess that since they’re Red Sox fans, they don’t care much about the Blue Jays only being allowed two outs. Is this going to go on for the rest of the game?

Holy #$%&!, the mighty Ortiz struck out, which is immediately followed by a Manny drilling. Good strategy, I say. Two outs, no one one, and Trot poses much less of a threat. And as I type that, I see the text, “T Nixon popped out to shortstop” appear on the screen, and I am happy.

Top 4
According to Bosoxx05, it was a curveball that hit Manny, so it was more of a lucky break than strategy. Actually, now that I really sit down and ponder it, we don’t need the Jays pitchers drilling Red Sox and getting them fired up. It’s actually the last thing we need.

Quick moving game, I have to say, as Wakefield is mowing down Blue Jay after Blue Jay. I thought these guys were to the Sox what the D-Rays were to the Yanks. So much for that.

And Hinske pops out to second, leaving Wakefield with a five-pitch inning and a no-hitter through four. There, maybe that will jinx it.

Bottom 4
Thankfully, David Bush has settled into a groove, not giving up a hit since the Gross blunder. During Olerud’s at bat (at eight pitches right now), I checked the play-by-play to try and solve the top of the third question, but it still has the same three plays listed (effing Olerud just walked). Deciding to cease being a dunderhead, I just checked the lineup and realized that there is nothing is listed for the catcher, Guillermo Quiroz. So he got out, but I’ll never find out how. How un-disappointing.

Mirabelli just struck out for the second time in two at bats, reaffirming the fact that I like him behind the plate more than Varitek.

They’re having a discussion now about the Pro (Mueller) and the Gold Glove. Too bad there’s a guy named A-Rod that plays the same position. Oh yeah, Cora grounds out to end the inning after I read the following post:
Cora to rip the ball down the RF line on a low, inside cut fb.
Yes, and upon first glancing at it, I thought it had actually happened. But now I realize it was just some dumbass Red Sox fan making a dumbass prediction.

Top 5
Boy, do those Sox fans love predictions:
Timmeh holds em here and Sox score 3 in the bottom of the 5th.

My eyes lit up (and I hit reload 100 times on the message board) when I saw that scrub Frank Menechino single, and that a Manny error allowed him to advance to second. And you’re welcome, for jinxing the no-no.

And now Menechino is standing on third with one out. Jays gotta bring him in and cut this lead. And Gabe Gross is up, needing to pull a Cano and make up for a previous blunder. PASSED BALL! 2-1, Sox. And now it’s evident that Gross needs to plant one in the seats. But he flies out, proving that he’s near worthless. And with a guy hitting .120 up now, it looks like Bush is going to have to work some magic to keep the Jays in the game.

But I stand corrected, as Quiroz singled. Seriously, gotta keep this inning going. I know, I know, that was a Captain Obvious statement, but it’s more than true. And there goes Catalanotto, screwing up again.

Bottom 5
Taking a break now to post this and get some grub. If ANYONE is reading this, please take five seconds and comment on this post, as I’m curious to see how it will go over. A simple “yes” or “no” will suffice.