Thursday, July 21, 2005

Some Afternoon Notes from Around the Media

From the Florida Sun Sentinel

Are you kidding me? Boston would be willing to give up Bronson Arroyo – a guy with a World Series ring under his belt and ostensibly a positive force in the clubhouse – for A.J. Burnett, an import from the obviously pitcher-friendly National League? Sure, Arroyo’s ERA may be hanging just above 4, but Burnett is sitting at 3.68.

Then again, maybe adding J.C. Romero would be worth the gamble on Burnett. But, if the Sawks have learned anything from their rivals, they should know that bringing in pitchers from the NL is risky business.

Bill Mueller would exit town, a move that wouldn’t be horrible considering he’ll be a free agent at year’s end. Not mentioned in the article is Kevin Millar, who could join Mueller in trade. But that would put the Sawks in a position where they go with the struggling Lowell at third, or recall the here again, in Pawtuckett again Kevin Youklis.

With the rest of the bats in their potent lineup, trading off the offense for some bullpen relief wouldn’t be a terrible idea. But then again, if you’re Minnesota, very much alive and well in the Wild Card race, why would you consider trading Romero at a time where bullpen help is anything but aplenty?

From the Bergen Record

Leo Mazzone in pinstripes? Too good to be true. I always love reading these reports at first, and my reaction is always, “Man, we’ll be unstoppable with him! Look what he did in Atlanta!” But then reality sets in, and I come to my senses. Why in the world would Atlanta let the guy out of a contract? Him and Bobby Cox have been leading that team to division championship after division championship every year since ’91. They’ve developed some of the best pitchers the game has seen, and watched as they failed outside of their system (Steve Avery, Kevin Millwood, Jaret Wright to name a few).

We know Mel is out at the end of the season. Hell, the guy wasn’t supposed to even be back this year, and after all the talks of his possible mid-season ouster, there’s not a chance he’ll be aboard next year. So going after the game’s best is the obvious choice for the championship hungry Steinbrenner. But, as previously stated, there just seems no logical way the Braves would let this guy walk while under contract.

From the Daily Herald (Chicago)

Yeah, we’d all like to get Billy Wagner, buddy. But with the Nats showing signs of weakness in the NL East, the Phils are in prime contention for the Wild Card. Ugueth Urbina hasn’t found hitter-friendly Citizens Bank Park very accommodating, having given up five homers already in just 16.2 innings of work, over which time he has also walked 11.

Wagner has found great success despite the ballpark’s poor design, keeping his ERA in the low 2’s with a WHIP near 1. If the Nats lose a couple more over the next few days, look for those trade rumors involving Wagner to dissipate.