Thursday, July 28, 2005


Not too much time to moan about last night’s loss, but I just wanted to address some concerns that I’ve been reading around the web.

It seems that Joe is second-guessed by the fans every time he makes a decision that turns ill. Last night, Joe decided to hand the ball to Sturtze in the seventh, rather than keep Felix Rodriguez on the hill. The sentiment on the message boards is, “why didn’t Joe keep Felix in there for the seventh?”

And, of course, had Joe kept Felix in and he let up the three runs, we would have been reading, “how could Joe stick with Felix in the late innings of a one-run game?”

Point is, our bullpen is in the dumpster, and any move that Joe makes that goes beyond Gordon in the 8th and Mo closing the game is going to be second-guessed.

This, of course, is due to our starting staff not being able to carry a game into the seventh. But we’re riddled with replacement guys who struggle to finish five.

So we have two options at this point: pick up a middle reliever or pick up a reliable starter. And, as the problem always is, there just aren’t any available. End of story.

People can complain about Torre’s mismanagement of the bullpen all they want, but when he’s got a total of three guys (I’m still counting Sturtze despite last night) he can count on, there’s not much he can really do.

And before anyone gets on me about this, do YOU trust Felix Rodriguez to come in and get three big outs? Didn’t think so.

Maybe we can tattoo Joe Mays today and forget the whole thing ever happened. I mean, it WAS Santana.