Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Are the Yanks Smoking Crack?

From the New York Daily News:

Eric Byrnes has been a popular name to link with the Yanks, but they have not had much success in discussions with the Rockies. Colorado offered to send Byrnes and pitcher Shawn Chacon to the Bronx for Scott Proctor and Sean Henn, but the Yankees had no interest. Now that the Yanks have Al Leiter, Chacon isn't even on their radar.

So let me get this straight. Colorado offered us a starting pitcher, which we need, and a centerfielder (which we need) for Proctor (who kinda sorta sucks) and Henn (who has proven that he can't pitch at the major league level at age 24).

Unless the Yanks know something about Henn that the rest of us don't, he's not going to be able to make that leap. His 0-3, 11.12 ERA, 2.56 WHIP, .360 BAA, and 11-3 walks to strikeout ratio should be able to tell us that. But hey, I'm not a major league scout, so what do I know?

Well, I do know that Shawn Chacon has a 4.11 ERA for the Rockies, which could drop a few points in Yankee Stadium, despite the DH. I also know that we need a starting pitcher, Leiter or not. With Wang more than likely out for the season, and Kevin Brown being Kevin Brown, the Yanks are going to need a guy on top of Johnson, Mussina, Pavano and Leiter.

And I've discussed Eric Byrnes earlier today.

So what's to lose, especially with Proctor's role becoming diminished with the return of Felix Rodriguez? Something tells me the Daily News was misinformed. There's just no way that Cashman would refuse such a deal at this time. No, something is afoot here.