Thursday, June 30, 2005

Sha na na na

This couldn’t make me any happier. I’ll even wait until you finish reading it until I continue.

Okay, good. Now you’re as elated as I am.

This move has been a long time coming, as the only non-derogatory term that can be used to describe Quantrill and Stanton is “ineffective.” But we all know even that is being a little generous.

These are two guys who, in their prime, were huge contributors to their respective teams: Quantrill in Toronto and L.A., and even most of the season last year for the Yanks; Stanton while setting up for ‘Mo. But pitchers can’t last forever, and with Quantrill turning 37 in November and Stanton having turned 38 earlier this month, it just seems their time is up.

I was actually getting optimistic yesterday when I read in a Florida paper that the Marlins were interested in giving us Juan Encarnacion – whom they are fully disappointed in – for Quantrill, who they think can shore up their bullpen. But when you can get him for free, why trade a commodity?

Instead, he’ll get the axe with his underachieving buddy Stanton, leaving nothing more than a lack of warm bodies in the Yanks ‘pen. Thankfully, there are reinforcements on the way.

I’ve been wanting to bring up Jason Anderson for a while, if for no other reason than he’s 26 and not getting any younger. Rumored to be joining Anderson in the ‘pen is Colter Bean, who has 49 strikeouts in 40 innings in AAA to go with a 3.15 ERA. Bean was up with the Yanks briefly earlier in the year, surrendering a run, a hit and two walks in two innings of work.

This series of moves makes all the sense in the world. My dad may have put it best when he said, “You’re tellin’ me that we can’t find guys in Triple-A that can play at least as well as Stanton and Quantrill?” Then again, he wants to axe Sierra as well, but I have to disagree there. Even though his numbers disagree with my assessment of him, I do think Sierra can be valuable down the line as a pinch hitter/ sometimes DH.

Well, I had intended on doing a parting piece for Stanton and Quantrill, but at this point, I’m too happy to see them go to give them a memorial. They’ve been two of the most unreliable bullpen guys in recent memory. True, we’ve had Felix Heredia and Antonio Osuna, but they weren’t making the four million Stanton is or even the three million owed to Quantrill.

On an unrelated parting note, what is Randy’s excuse going to be Friday when he gets roughed up by the Tigers?