Tuesday, June 28, 2005

How About...

In looking for possible guys to fill the outfield void in the Bronx, it's almost natural to scour the Kansas City roster for possible replacements. How about Emil Brown? True, he's 30 years old, thus wouldn't be helping the team get younger, but he has plenty of upside. First, his age makes him expendable to a team like the Royals, who won't be good for the next two or three years even if they get serious about building a team. Second, he's hitting .295/.363/.469 this season with 8 homers and 13 doubles. That isn't superb for a right fielder (Sheff is .304/.401/.509), but the Yanks shouldn't be looking for superstars this trade deadline.

Additionally, Brown has a similar split against lefties and righties (.286/.340/.500 against lefties, .294/.373/.449 against righties), which is always a plus. If Sheff is on his way out the door, this guy would be an adequate replacement. And when away from the abyss that is Kansas City, he's putting up even more solid numbers, hitting .325/.383/.482, which is much more Sheff-like than his .255/.336/.453 home numbers.

And just to tout him just a bit more, in 81 ABs in June, he's .358/.404/.519, having improved each month of this season.