Monday, June 06, 2005

An Addendum To My Proposed Solution

NOTE: Read the below entry, "Bernie's Contribution to the Problem" before reading this.

After thinking longer and harder about this perplexing situation, I've come up with a few more thoughts. This may seem a bit extreme, but hey, the team should be willing to try anything to win games at this point.

First of all, Russ Johnson needs to go so we can recall Andy Phillips from Columbus, where he's 27 for 71. We then should plug him in as the starting left fielder. I'll stick with my Womack/Cano platoon, since it at least gets Womack a little playing time and makes his signing seem a bit less atrocious (though the atrocity is pretty apparent at this point either way).

Next, we need to have a set lineup, nine guys that are going to start the majority of games. So here's the rundown:
1) Jeter - SS
2) Cano - 2B
3) Sheffield - RF
4) Matsui - CF
5) A-Rod - 3B
6) Posada - C
7) Tino - 1B
8) Bernie - DH
9) Phillips - LF

Then you have Womack in place of Cano against lefties. Tino will get a few days off a week in which Giambi can get some PT, though I don't even condone that. Sierra can get a start or two a week at DH as well, as to keep him happy and Bernie rested (though how much rest does a DH need?). But for the most part, we should be putting out a lineup like this on a consistent basis.

The key here is consistency. The team as a whole lacks it, so the place to start is to have a consistent starting lineup. Where else to look to for consistency? Telling Randy Johnson to eff off and accept the fact that he's going to have an extra day rest sometimes, since we don't need to be skipping Wang, the only guy with any consistency in the rotation. If anyone, Kevin Brown could use the extra rest, but there's no way Joe skips him in the rotation, no matter how poor he looks on the mound at times.

It just confounds me that everyone talks about the team not playing to their potential, but the guys who are consistently terrible are still in the lineup.