Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Yankees 4, Mariners 3

Most college students complain about their finals because, to be frank, they’re a bitch to study for. My finals dilemma actually had nothing to do with reviewing class notes or reading mounds of textbooks. My final final (of my college career) was last night at EIGHT FRIGGIN’ PM. And, since Rutgers has the absolute worst bussing system during finals, I had to leave my house to wait for the bus at seven. So how is this all relevant?

I missed the entire Yankees game. Not one pitched passed by these eyes. I had to leave my house just before the 7:05 start, and arrived home – actually, at the liquor store – as Michael Kay was doing his wrap-up. So all I knew before perusing ESPN.com and watching Baseball Tonight was that Randy Johnson pitched eight “gritty” (a term that I am now dubbing cliche) innings, Womack supplied the game winning single, and Tino went yard for the seventh time this season. Oh, and that slumping Matsui continued his climb out of the bottom with another RBI.

It seems that a lot of the early season fears are beginning to alleviate. The pitching is coming around, though we’re not getting the dominance we expected from Randy. In any case, he’s still pulling his weight, giving us quality start after quality start, though nothing stellar. Isn’t it understood that he should have a shutout under his belt by this point in the season? I guess Steinbrenner isn’t familiar with that formality just yet. I have no doubt Pavano will be good for 15, 16 wins, Mussina will rake in just a few less, and who knows what’s going to happen with Wang. If there’s one thing sure in my mind about the Yankees pitching staff this year, it’s that Jaret Wright won’t be a prominent part of it.

Which brings us to Kevin “friggin” Brown. Yes, he looked solid in his last outing, but can more of the same be expected? Absofrigginlutely not (I seem to have a fixation on the word “friggin” today). To the contrary, I expect more starts like his previous ones, where he gets into trouble early and works the team into a hole. Too bad they aren’t the comeback team they were last year, or this wouldn’t be the gargantuan problem that it presently is. So what to do with the $15 million arm of glass? Scratch putting him into the bullpen, though he’d fit right in with team AARP. I guess the decision has to be made at some point whether his being on the roster is like playing with a 15 pound weight around the team’s neck.

As a final note for the day, I’m going out on a limb and suggesting that Giambi be demoted to AAA. The team is going to be paying his salary for the next four years no matter what, so they might as well embarrass him as much as he did them.