Thursday, May 12, 2005

Yankees 13, Mariners 9

Wow, I really wanted to kill A-Rahd in the first inning yesterday. Okay, maybe I didn’t want to kill him...but I at least wanted to slash his tires. How does a guy making $25 million a year botch a throw so horribly? And because it was A-Rod’s error, we obviously had to pay for it in the form of a five spot on the scoreboard.

But along comes the bottom of the inning, where the Yanks matched the M’s offering thanks to Bret !$@%# Boone’s rinky dink toss to Wilson Valdez, blundering a sure double play. That led to Matsui very politely declaring that his slump is officially over with a three RBI double cutting the deficit to two, which would dwindle to zero by inning’s end.

Oh, and Tino Martinez hit his fifth homer in five days. And you heard that here first.

My favorite inning had to be the fifth, where Jeter hit a solo shot over the right field wall, followed by a Womack single and Sheffield donking one over the dugout in left center. It appeared that Jeter had homered a few innings later, but after convening, the umps reversed the decision and called the ball foul. Yes, it was the right call, but what I can’t understand is how the ump blew the call here. A fan sitting to the right – as in stage right – of the foul pole caught the ball (and this was no hooking shot; it barely cleared the fence).

My friend Jon refers to Bernie Williams as the Human Double-Play Machine, and today there was evidence of Joe Torre catching on. With Jorge Posada on first (he should have been at second, but he trotted while he admired the ball he bounced off the wall) and a 3-2 count on DPM (Double-Play Machine, get it?), Posada takes off with the pitch. Now I’m no manager, but I know that Jorge Posada shouldn’t be stealing bases. Ever. But due to the frequency of Bernie’s DPs, it only made sense to send Posada here, because a strike him out, throw him out is the same result of a DP, and if Bernie actually makes contact and bounces into that DP, the steal avoids the out at second. But Bernie actually comes through and smacks a double, moving Jorge to third (though he should have scored. Bastard).

How ‘bout Quantrill, Sturtze and Gordon combining for five innings and zero runs? Eh, eh. They’d better be stepping up, since Felix Rodriguez is on the 15-day DL now with a knee problem (not sure exactly what it is) as a result of getting out of the shower. Don’t laugh, accidents in the shower account for 14.6% of baseball injuries*.

The blunder of the night surprisingly wasn’t off the glove of A-Rod (though he had two that had me smacking my head against the coffee table), but from the mouth of Joe Morgan. During the Cardinals-Dodgers game, Morgan seemed excited that Tino Martinez went five for five today. Sorry, Joe, but he in fact went one for five. But he hit his fifth home run in as many games, and the Yankees have a five game winning streak. Wrong fives, buddy. Oh, and Stu Scott said that Tino had two home runs during his Sports Center promo.

Finally, I’d just like to point out the obvious in that Tony Womack looks like a deer in headlights out in left. If we’re going to add a bat before the trade deadline, it had better be an outfielder. Womack just can’t survive every day out there.

Mussina on Friday, and we’ll see if he can put up three straight quality starts. On the other side is Rich Harden, who is looking to make up for Sunday.